ITU Rocket Team’s new flight computer

I have used Diptrace PCB Designer before this design as you can see previous post. It was user friend. However i decided to use more professional pcb designer. Alternatives were Mentor, Altium. Adding 3d model with .step files, interactive routing, schematic library- pcb library, adding supplier link are cool options for scalable projects.  I chose the Altium PCB Design Tools. One week after beginning the altium, i produced this main board. Main board must be smaller than last year board(58*148mm*40mm).

Its size about 36*135*12mm.
Nucleo-32 based on arm cortex m4 microcontroller
Adxl345 acceloremeter
Hmc5883 magnetometer
Itg3200 gyro
Ms5611 and Mpl115 altimeters
Tmp102 temperature sensor (additional one more temperature sensor = integrated temperature sensor on ms5611)
Ina 219 current and voltage sensor
Sparkfun venus gps
2 servo driver with external power
2 pyro driver with external power
Xbee socket
switching 3v3 step-down voltage regulator
micro sd card r/w socket
Level shifter socket (5v – 3v3)
Analog I/O socket

Github link:

Schematic’s pdf:
or ITU_Rocket_Main_Board

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