ITU Rocket Team at IREC 2015

Me and my team(ITU Rocket) joined 10th Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition on 25th of July, 2015. We designed and built solid rocket engine, main computer of rocket, rocket mechanical parts.

Main computer circuit design process:
Firstly, we studied past year competition reports. Then, our rocket primarly was designed and how our rocket recovery and which compenent need for recovery. These problems were determined and dissolved.
Secondly, We determined the microprocessor and electrical subsystems (like sensors, voltage regulators) with controlled datasheets. And these sensor were tested on the breadboard.
Thirdly, I designed sensor breakoutboard and communication ways at one main board.

On the other hand:
I designed seperated pyro board, and 900mhz communication breakout board. I have used DipTrace PCB Design program. All boards were 2 layer. It was enough for that job. I can recommend for that.

Then these boards were manufactured by Baski Devre PCB Company which is our sponsor. I also worked for fund raiser and contacted that pcb printer company.

-Competition concept and rules: (when i find ill update)

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20150624_131855 20150624_091718 20150624_072824(First day, poster presentation at Green River High School)

20150625_140043 11012803_1609283492663081_1625847445102410695_n  18793_1613053265619437_6097818920180464840_n( Second day, just before launch )

Screenshot 2015-03-11 17.11.52 Screenshot 2015-03-11 17.33.43 20150414_162543(my works)