Bilfen Arctic Meteorological and Auroral Research Station which is supported by me


Bilfen’s is one of the most famous and top private high schools in Turkey. They requested to support from me, about station electronics and software, i gladly accepted their request.

Station builded up in Svalbard Islands, Norway. It is northest of Norway and so close the pole of Earth. Station’s main task is observation Aurora borealis northern lights, its effect on the magnetic field in the north poles. These datas were sent to sql database by arduino. And then we can analyze these datas.

Project was builded up with arduino mega, ethernet 2 module, Sensor Shield (magnetic sensor, light sensor, ultraviolet sensor, barometer, temperature sensors, real time clock, humudity sensor).  Used watchdog timer for stability of system. Then we decided to build backup shield.

These photos about evulation of project, server side of datas and getting serial port.

This is server side:

In some Turkish newspapers:

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Station map: