Microwave and RF Comm. Course’s Term Project (Turkish)

It was the very good course for communication theory and wireless comm. fundamentals. Unfortunately, only Turkish report is available. Thus I gonna continue with Turkish. Elektronik ve haberleşme mühendisliği 4. sınıf seçmeli dersi olan Mikrodalga ve RF Haberleşme dersinin dönem projesinin sonuna gelmiş bulunmaktayım. Ders Prof. Dr. Mesut Kartal tarafından verilmektedir. Ekte bulunan rapora göz atabilirsiniz. […]

ITU Rocket Team’s new flight computer

I have used Diptrace PCB Designer before this design as you can see previous post. It was user friend. However i decided to use more professional pcb designer. Alternatives were Mentor, Altium. Adding 3d model with .step files, interactive routing, schematic library- pcb library, adding supplier link are cool options for scalable projects.  I chose the Altium PCB […]

We’ll join Digilent Design Contest 2016

We pass first election of competition. Digilent gonna send us Arty Fpga board. We are going to develop our project on that platform. Project name is “Sounding Rocket Avionics with FPGA”. Gathering altitude, temperature, accelerometer, magnetometer, sun light density, eps voltage, gps datas then implementation of efficient filter algorithms(kalman). Rocket will autonomously deploy when arrived the […]

ITU Rocket Team at IREC 2015

Me and my team(ITU Rocket) joined 10th Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition on 25th of July, 2015. We designed and built solid rocket engine, main computer of rocket, rocket mechanical parts. Main computer circuit design process: Firstly, we studied past year competition reports. Then, our rocket primarly was designed and how our rocket recovery and which compenent need for […]

Istanbul Mini Maker Faire 2014

I have exhibited my Smart Irrigation System at Halic Congress Center on 11-12 November 2014. Smart irrigation system can be easily programmable with wireless communication. No waste of water for gardens with solar energy. Arduino based smart system was designed and programmed by me in one week. It looks amatourly made, indeed my tools are not […]

ARISAT Model Satellite Team WON First Place

Cansat Competition is the biggest competition about model satellites, Burkett, in Texas. Won 10th CanSat Competition which is supported by NASA, AAS, and AIAA as team Arisat (first place award), Burkett, Texas 2014. Small size satellite(cansat) was made by us. Arduino nano was used our main board circuit which is designed by me. Cansat should collect and transmit atmospheric […]